About Us


Our partners are the institutions which have signed an agreement to establish the Regiopole Region of Rostock and reflect the interests of the steering committee.

Steering Committee

The steering committee consists of a representative from each partner from the Regiopole Region. Every institution sends a representative to the voluntary association, which then determines the aims and projects for the Regiopole Region of Rostock and makes specific decisions regarding the intentions and plans of partners, supporters, and networks in addition to determining the composition, implementation, changes, and dissolvements of project and topic-specific work groups. Besides those functions, the committee defines the guidelines (rights, freedoms, and authority) of the Regiopole Region of Rostock office. Supplementary experts, specialists or knowledgeable guests may be invited to join this committee at any convenient time.

Members of the Steering Committee

Project Groups

Project groups are and will be formed for topics, projects, and events on request with the intention of developing concepts, strategies, and specific projects for previously defined and determined strategic areas.

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