Leisure and Tourism

You will find the ideal events for you in the Regiopole Region of Rostock. With its considerable facets, Rostock can offer a program of events to suit every taste. Rostock is a popular location for both events and exhibitions. Whoever is drawn to musical events, musicals, or other forms of cultural performances will be pleasantly surprised: visitors are drawn from all around for the international guitar festival and piano day, or the open art (KunstOffen) and regio:polis events, fishing and moorland spirit festivals in addition to Easter, Pentacost, and Christmas Markets, as well as other popular seasonal events such as the summer and midsummer-night festivals or day of the open gardens. If maritime and waterside events are particularly your thing, events such as the yearly Hansa Sail, Stromerwachen festival, Warmenünde Week or the recent Rostock Cruise Festival will suit you to a tee. If something more sports-oriented are more your thing, the Cross-Duathlon, Fun Triathlon, Bergring Race, or Rennbahnfestival (horseracing festival) should have you itching to come.

Please note that this is not a complete list. Our Regiopole of Rostock team would be delighted to support you with further supplementary information and inspiration in addition to your feedback.

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